As an internationally active specialist in used mobile cranes, we mainly market machines manufactured by Liebherr. Thanks to our many years’ experience in the international marketing of cranes and utility vehicles, we are a byword for problem-free, professional handling. Most of our vehicles are parked at our location in Kirchheim unter Teck in South Germany. Our outdoor site offers ideal conditions for the thorough examination and testing of cranes and other vehicles. Any necessary repairs are carried out in our modern workshop.

Need a partial or full paint job? Two of our partner companies located in the immediate vicinity can do the work professionally and in top quality.



Do you have no suitable crane available due to (too) many projects? Or want to preserve your liquidity? In that case, renting a crane for a limited period might be a sensible option. Some of our cranes can be rented on a “bare rental” basis – i.e. we provide the crane, while the lessee provides the operator. Hire purchase is a further option and can be offered on an individual basis. 



Our workshop team has many years’ experience in the servicing and repair of cranes, construction machines and commercial vehicles – whether in expertly fixing hydraulic or electronic problems, repairing components or fully replacing aggregates. We are able to carry out these jobs professionally. However, in particularly “tricky cases” we do not hesitate to call in a technician of the manufacturer concerned. We can usually offer a cost-effective solution for the provision and repair of hydraulic pumps and cylinders as well as of individual hydraulic components. We can obtain all the necessary parts, such as hydraulic hoses, ball cocks, as well as couplings and high-quality hydraulic oils, from a well-stocked parts depot at short notice.

On request, the vehicle can undergo testing in accordance with the German TÜV (technical inspection association) or UVV (accident prevention regulations) by an independent inspector, in order to document its proper functioning… to Gallery  



Our professionally equipped washing facility offers optimal conditions for the intensive (steam-)cleaning of vehicles using high-pressure cleaners and suitable “chemicals” all year round. On request, we can also offer a thorough interior cleaning and paintwork preparation.

Afterwards, some machines look “almost” 10 years younger..... to Gallery  





Is partial or full repainting required? Our partner companies, both located only a few kilometres away, offer paint jobs for vehicles up to 20 metres long. A sandblasting facility, which is also suitable for large vehicles, ensures perfectly prepared painting surfaces.

Experienced specialist staff carry out any necessary welding repairs on frame, chassis or sheet metal parts..... to Gallery    



We are also happy to support our customers in all matters concerning TRANSPORT and LOGISTICS. We have a great deal of experience in the transportation and worldwide shipment of cranes and their equipment – whether in providing the documents necessary for the customs processing and clearance of the vehicles, applying for driving permits, providing escort vehicles or transferring the cranes and their equipment to a seaport.

Here, our extensive network of internationally active logistics companies is always a great help to us..... to Gallery